The Design Studio

“Love of the garden is a seed that, once sown, never dies, but goes on and on growing – an abiding and ever-flowing source of joy.”

It was precisely this love for gardens and their design that prompted Johannes Dütsch to found the landscape architect office, ‘my landscaping group’, in 2014.

After many years of professional experience in Mediterranean garden design and plant use, here on Mallorca, it was time to endeavour in a new business venture

The aim of the ‘my landscaping group’ was, as a community (group) of specialists in horticulture and landscape architecture and design, to cope with the growing demands of customers and the climate.

We work as an independent planning office, consisting of landscape architects, draftsmen and graphic designers, closely together with engineers, botanists, topographers and gardeners.

Thanks to this joint effort of experts and our experience, we are able to plan and professionally manage even the most demanding and extensive gardens.

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